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 Women's Entrepreneur Lifestyle Check In  Split, Croatia

January 22 2022

Esther Canata showcases her art and joins the panel of worldwide business saavy speakers, sharing her story and inspiration as an international artist entrepreneur. Click link below for more.


Cecilia Garza : Private Collector



I fell in love with Esther’s art the moment I saw it for the first time in social media. Her lines are so powerful, and each one is a celebration of the strength of womanhood, motherhood, love, and passion.  I reached out to her to ask if I could commission something for my apartment – I had two big empty walls calling her name.  I wanted something unique, powerful, fun, and bold, but I didn’t want to interfere with her creative process, so I asked her to just go ahead with whatever inspired her  – it was important to me that the paintings would capture the essence of her artistic style, which I absolutely love. Esther asked me a few questions to help her decide on the color scheme and the theme of the two large pieces, and just like that, she worked her magic.  She created the most stunning pieces: One edgy, intricate, intense, centered around female archetypes.  The other piece was centered around love, passion, light. She even added special detail on the second piece, a symbol of my marriage. The paintings are everything I wanted and more – and no matter who comes to visit our apartment, the reaction is always the same: Awe and Admiration.  

The only thing I regret is not having more walls to fill up with her beautiful work.  She is a captivating artist…


Michelle Mishler: Private Collector



Esther is a wonderful person to work with, I have two of her pieces in my home, which bring a smile to my face every time I look at them. Her work is vibrant and passionate which really reflects who she is as an artist and human. Esther also designed a more personal piece for me, a tattoo of my daughters and me. She understood the brief perfectly, it is by far my favourite tattoo and I’m always complimented on it, even by strangers who catch a glimpse. The art pieces were shipped quickly, packaged & protected well. It was a pleasure doing business with her and knowing I will love & be moved by her artwork for a very long time. Whether it be a commission or one of her existing pieces, Esther is an artist well worth supporting and I look forward to seeing how she continues to evolve in her art and add more of her work to my collection.




Esther Canata's triumphant solo exhibit at The Museum of Trogir in Croatia. Click link below for more.

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